about gayle.

Hi friends!

I'm Gayle, and I am so excited you found me and my blog!
I’m an ordinary girl living an ordinary life that is made extraordinary by Christ.  Aside from that, maybe you'd like to know a little bit about me, eh?

1 // My favorite color is bright pink; bright blue is a close second.
2 // I have two dogs, Monty and Twerp.
3 // And two cats cats, Brother and Sister.
4 // I'm allergic to dogs.
5 // I'm allergic to cats.
6 // My day job is in Human Resources.
7 // I'm vegan, but don't talk about it unless I'm asked.
8 // I love Amazon Prime.
9 // I am a Previvor.
10 // I hoard nail polish like it's my job.
11 // I struggle with anxiety & depression, but I won't let it define me.
12 // Strength training is my go-to stress reliever.  Let's just say I spend a ton of time at the gym {see #11}.
13 // Photography brings me joy.
14 // I've got mad Excel skillz.  See???

15 // I totally wear my heart on my sleeve.
16 // I love people.  Seriously.  A lot of people say that, but I really really really do.
17 // I hope we can really, truly get to know each other.

I strive for authenticity, openness, and grace.
I love to encourage and empower.
I hope when you're here, that's exactly what you find.

Many, many hugs!

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