as God will.

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The other day, I went to visit a friend who is having a really difficult time, and is going through some very, very tough circumstances that quite honestly, aren't fair.  No one should have to go through what she and her family are dealing with.  You could probably say that about a lot of hard things, but I'm not really thinking about other stuff, my mind is on my friend and her specific situation.

Later that evening when I finally got home, I opened up one of the ... um ... five daily devotionals that I read.  It's called Streams in the Desert.  If you do not own it, buy it.  It's such an awesome daily read, and while Jesus Calling is and probably always will be one of my favorites, Streams in the Desert touches my heart in a much more penetrating way.  This poem was part of the devotion for Wednesday, July 9th, and it cut me to the core:


DIScouragement for the single adult.

Relevant Magazine puts out some pretty great content, and because their content is focused on lifestyle, faith, and culture geared toward Christians, a lot of it is relevant to me.  {I guess they chose their name well?}

DIScouragement for the single adult. // www.graceforgayle.com
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I came across yet another article about dating and singleness last week, called 5 Horrible Pieces of Dating Advice.  And I have to say, I agree with all 5 points they made.  But this article got me thinking, and I have a few things to add.  Though, my list is less advice and more comments people need to stop making.

Yeah, I know, that is NUMBER ONE on their article, too!  But I have to put it on my list, because it is just so frustratingly annoying to hear this!  Seriously, married people!  Engaged people!  Dating-soon-to-be-engaged-people!  Heck, even divorced people!  Listen up!

Stop.  Saying.  This.
In fact, maybe never say this again.
EVER.  Under ANY circumstances.
Thank you.


my uncomplicated life.

EDIT: This post isn't all there is to say about this topic, and I realize it's not always so black and white.  I'm sharing my strong feelings and convictions, and offering a pretty simplified version of my thoughts.  There are many other important points, exceptions to the majority, etc. that I could not possibly cover in one blog post. :)

Last week, I posted about the issue of parental rights.  Read that post here.  The other thing that struck me as I read the second article {link to article here}, and some others related to it, is this:

All of this yes-or-no-or-who-gets-or-pays-for-or-is-entitled-to-or-shouldn't-have birth control arguments going on, and the abortion-or-no-abortion debate, then the what-age-is-appropriate discussions ... Well, when did abstinence become uncool and looked down upon?

Because life is pretty uncomplicated over here.
Just sayin'.

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All of these debates about how to prevent pregnancy in CHILDREN {yes, children, #sorrynotsorry but twelve is a CHILD} are ridiculous.  Why are we even talking about this?  "Oh, well, if we don't give them birth control and condoms, they will just go out and do it anyway, so we should prevent them from having any consequences like unwanted babies."


If we took the whole sex/birth control/abortion/etc. "dilemma" and replaced the subject matter with just almost ANYTHING ELSE, the answer would be to stop the issue where the issue begins, as early in the sequence of events as possible.  {Supply chain logistics or Lean Six Sigma, anyone?}  The answer would be SO CLEAR.  The problem isn't access to birth control or kids needing to have conversations without their parents' knowledge or consent.  The problem is simple: the act of sex.  It's being used differently that the purpose for which God created it, so of course there are consequences!



My company changed offices last week.  It's a really nice office, very modern, good amenities, has a gym with brand new equipment, we will have a Starbucks in here, the cafeteria is HUGE, and it's just really really really nice.  We even have covered parking now, in the parking garage, so no more watching our cars get pelted with hail in a Texas storm while we watch helplessly out the window. :)

And hey, I have a GIANT window right next to me! :)  I can see outside all day...

The down side to this office is ... the commute.


the laws of parenting: what will they think of next?

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Last week was a really weird week on Facebook, where articles are concerned.  Well, it was on my news feed, anyway.  On Wednesday morning, I woke up and was immediately drawn in by this article:  The day I left my son in the car

{Yeah, I know.  Whoa.  that's exactly what I said.}

{Yes.  Whoa again.  Also, shout out to Christy Duffy, fellow blogger!  Hey girl hey!}

So, even though I am not a parent, I do have strong feelings about both of these articles.  These situations are unfair, frustrating, and pretty darn scary.

Side note, does it bother anyone else that the letters "r" and "n" next to each other look like the letter "m"?  And then it just looks like I misspelled a word I'm avoiding?  No?  Okay, just checkin'.